Looking for a place to crash in Phoenix?

… You will if you don’t reserve your hotel stay at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Resort. Last year, we sold out the exclusive room rate at the hotel and we don’t want you to be rushed to find a hotel right before the three-day WordPress conference.

For just $109 per night, you are able to stay at the official hotel for WordCamp Phoenix 2014. Let’s go over the benefits, shall we?

Well, for starters, you are able to have your own bed. This is swell because you’ll be crashing fast asleep after all the learning, networking and even a little partying. (Let’s be honest: a lot.) Being well rested every day for the weekend is nice, but how will you make it to the next day’s session?

With the complimentary alarm clock provided in the room, you can feel at least moderately confident that it will awake you from your much-needed REM sleep so you can arrive alert and ready to soak up the knowledge at our awesome WordPress sessions. But, nobody wants you just to show up at the three-day WordPress conference without first doing something else …

Yes, you guessed it, you are granted unfettered access to a shower so you are able to wash away all the grime from sitting in an airplane or a car for several hours as you hoofed it over to Phoenix. Or, to wash away the shame from not updating WordPress since 3.5. Either way, it sounds good to us.

Then, once you stroll out of your room, hopefully dressed, you will be within walking distance to the nearest Starbucks and the sessions and activities. You get access to all this for only $109 per night and a little cheddar to paid to the State of Arizona. With plenty of activities located near the hotel, you’ll be pleased with your decision to stay there.

Not convinced yet? Well, the awesome folks at Crown Royal, err, the Crowne Plaza have allowed you to make reservations without requiring a deposit and even allow you to mash in your credit card number to get the whole reservation done and over with in less time it takes update your WordPress plugins. (Okay, okay, it’s maybe quicker than the famous five-minute WordPress installation).

If you thought this was at least mildly entertaining and are traveling from outside of the Phoenix area, then go ahead and book your reservation now at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort with the group code “V1N” to obtain our special group rate.

And if this copy wasn’t convincing enough, check out these photos of the resort:


Outside Area

Outside Area