Move Over Beards – Here Come the Toes

Toes at the was launched to the community to showcase the facial hair of some of our “WordPress greats”.  As we all know, there are many amazing women in the WordPress world who are equally great, but who were not sporting the 5 o’clock shadow.  So in the spirit of community and camaraderie, Carol Stambaugh and April Holle created to join the fun and solicit some involvement from some of the awesome WordPress women in our community.

Mismatched toesWe hope that everyone (men and women alike) will join the fun and submit some fun pictures of fingers and toes.  And for those coming to WordCamp on Saturday, look for the ToePress station where you can get nail polish and the coolest ever nail art… in the form of the WordPress logo.  We are happy to collect donations at the ToePress table that will go toward the Fresh Start Foundation.  This local charity provides job training and resources for women in need.

Special thanks to for sponsoring the ToePress station.