We Need a Lead!

Our Phoenix Community Wants a WordCamp Phoenix 2015

The other night I was at a local WordPress meetup, and several of our community members are starting to ask, “When’s WordCamp Phoenix?”

Well, I hate to break it to you folks, but without a lead to RUN WordCamp Phoenix… there isn’t a WordCamp Phoenix.

What!?! No WordCamp Phoenix?!

It’s true, without a lead organizer, there won’t be a WordCamp Phoenix 2015.

It all starts with one person, someone who’s willing to lead the charge. And currently, we’re still looking for that lead.

What does it take to be the lead organizer of WordCamp Phoenix?

  • A fire in your soul to see that WordCamp Phoenix 2015 is GOING to happen
  • About 300-400 hours that you’re happy to give to the community effort for free
  • An active presence in the local WordPress Meetup Community
  • Able to lead an organizing committee of 10-14 people
  • Strong organizational skills

I want to lead WordCamp Phoenix! How do I get started?

Are you ready to step up and take on the challenge of leading WordCamp Phoenix?

If you are interested, please review the organizer guidelines and the organizer agreement.

Get involved as an organizer of WordCamp Phoenix!